What I Think About When I Think About Lockdown

I always tell people that I hate running. It’s not my sport, I’ve always been a swimmer, but I’m determined to be a better runner. Coincidentally, I’m not a big fan of lockdown either. It’s not easy, like most I’ve always loved (and taken for granted) the freedom to travel and visit family or friends, …

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Virtual Sanity

From Rudyard Kipling’s poem If, “If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs…”  This is a mindset I was raised with, and a global pandemic was about to test it. I always knew getting a medical degree at the age of forty-two would be an uphill battle, but getting it …

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Two-Metre Rule

Two months after the UK finally began to lock down, Year 2 ScotGEM students like myself have come to the end of our abridged teaching for the academic year. For second years, the final six weeks of the session were originally planned to be a smorgasbord of exciting teaching and hands-on clinical experiences in emergency …

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Dr Tom Watchman, Creator of ‘Zero To Finals’

We recently had the pleasure of talking to Dr Tom Watchman, creator of the popular Zero To Finals series of books, podcasts and online resources for medical students. Joe asked him a bit about medical school, his career so far and how Zero To Finals came into existence. Watch below! Take a look at what Tom …

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There’s No Wrong Way

Thank you, ScotGEM Stories team, for inviting me to write something for your blog! It was great to meet some of you in Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary. I’ve decided to write some reflections about what led me to my current post at DGRI as a Clinical Teaching Fellow, and what I’ve learned over the …

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Professor Chris Isles

ScotGEM Stories recently interviewed Professor Chris Isles, the Director of Undergraduate Education for NHS Dumfries & Galloway. Prof. Isles contributes to ScotGEM’s teaching in Dumfries and is also the Hospital Sub-Dean for University of Glasgow students at Dumfries & Galloway Royal Infirmary. We asked about his current work and memories of his medical career to …

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Locked Down Together

As a ScotGEM student, I knew a relationship wasn’t going to be easy. Not because I’m working all the time – don’t worry I’m definitely not(!) – but because we move around. I’m in my second year and I’ve travelled from as far flung places as Dumfries near the border to Inverness in the Highlands. …

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Bothies, Beers and Bouldering – Exploring the Highlands

One of the best things about moving to the Highlands is being able to explore some of the most beautiful and most remote parts of Scotland. For many, the way of life up here is centred around outdoor activities. It’s a source of regional pride, and given the range of places to explore within just …

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Remote Learning

Last Sunday evening’s emails came as a shock to many of us. Although aware of the seriousness of COVID-19, the clarification that face-to-face university classes were cancelled for the rest of the academic year was hard-hitting. The evening brought many worries, questions and unsettling decisions to the forefront of students’ minds. Some decided to pack …

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Professor Ian Parkin

Year 2 student Molly Jakes sat down with Professor Ian Parkin, one of our anatomy demonstrators from Year 1 who came out of retirement to help deliver our anatomy teaching on ScotGEM. As you will see in the interview (click here to watch), Ian is totally passionate about what he does and this was felt …

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Learning in our Medical Families

The Generalist Clinical Mentor (GCM) One of the innovative aspects of ScotGEM – and I think many of the cohort would argue, the best – is the creation of the ‘Generalist Clinical Mentor’ or ‘GCM’ as it is often referred to. The GCM is an experienced GP who works part-time local to the university when …

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Quitting Smoking at Medical School

Smoking was once a very large part of my life. It was there when I wanted a break, which was as often as humanly possible. My relationship with smoking was a strange one – I knew that it was bad for me in every way possible, but I was always able to put a time …

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A Quick Break from Work

A little break from my Agents of Change healthcare quality improvement project (which current second years are working on just now) consisted of climbing Grey Mare’s Trail in D&G… and this is the view halfway up.

Dr Rob Jarvis

We interviewed Dr Rob Jarvis, the co-lead for Student Support for the ScotGEM programme. We asked him about his background, his role with ScotGEM, and advice for new and existing medical students! Dr Rob Jarvis works at the University of Dundee and is an example of staff collaborating between both University of St Andrews & …

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2020 Vision

A very happy new year from everyone at ScotGEM Stories – we look forward to sharing with you our journey over this coming year and beyond!     Photo of Joe Garnett and Molly Jakes, of ScotGEM’s current Year 2 cohort.

Intubation Guy

One quarter of the way to becoming a doctor, and 6 weeks into the 2nd year of ScotGEM (Scottish Graduate Entry Medicine), I have finished up in Dumfries & Galloway (D&G) and started in Inverness in the Scottish Highlands. As with 1st year, I have been based in a local GP practice each week but …

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Beach on Tiree

Summer in the Highlands

Hello, my name is Jessica – I am one of the 2nd year ScotGEM students who has recently been on rotation away up in Inverness. I had originally picked my rotation to experience the Highlands in ‘the Summer’ – I think we maybe missed the few sunny days that must’ve passed because we did see …

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Welcome to ScotGEM Stories!

Welcome to ScotGEM Stories, a new multimedia blog designed to allow medical students of the new Scottish Graduate Entry Medicine programme to share our experiences of studying medicine in the unique, remote & rural context of our course. Come and visit regularly to find posts, photos and videos created by us as students, as well …

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Dr Graham Tydeman

Before the launch of ScotGEM Stories, we interviewed Dr Graham Tydeman, a consultant obstetrician who, while working in NHS Fife, contributed to our teaching on ScotGEM. We asked him a few questions about his career.